2013 Civil War Re-enactments

11/23/13 Gettysburg Pa, Remembrance Day Parade

Little Southerner

I like the green uniform with brown gaiters.

The guys from Peter Guibert Trek 

A great music group

 9/28/13 Gettysburg PA, Wax museum
Dress up

Playing in the tree

Union solders

 8/17/13 Gettysburg PA, Civil War Hospital Event
The Pa Monument
Bandaging the wounded

Wounded fifer

87th PVI

8/10/13 Waynesboro PA

7/20/13 Funkstown MD
The Street Battle

Cool antiques!

 A yearly tradition

the 97th String Band

goofing off, hands free snow cone

the battle of Funkstown

7/13/13 Williamsport MD, Spring Field Farm
The Battle

  Spring Field Farm

I Love Music!



We stayed up Dancing till 12!!!

6/29/13 BGA 150th Gettysburg PA
Please excuse my handkerchief and apron, but I was engaged in washing the floor when I had to turn from my home. I now hide in the woods at a safer distance. 

If I wished, I could have petted the galloping war horses as they passed and shook the hands of the soldiers as they march, not even a yard in front of me.

Dancing the Grand March and the Virginia Reel.

6/22/13 Seven Valleys PA, Hanover Junction

The Battle! 

In The Camp!

Fun At  Dinner!

6/13/13 Gettysburg PA, James Gettys Hotel, Peter Guibert Trek

6/8/13 Gettysburg, The American Civil War Wax Museum

5/27/13 Littlestown Pa

 5/27/13 Gettysburg Memorial Day Parade


4/13/13 Our first re-enactment of the year, in Chambersburg.

There was a lot of music...
 a battle...
and a dance.

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