2012 Civil War Re-enactments

9/15/12- We went to the 150th Antietam in Sharpsburg. It was lots of fun. We were able to watch two battles as well as a game of rounders (baseball).

 8/18/12 Gettysburg "Society of Civil War Surgeons"

8/18/12 Gettysburg "Music Muster"

8/11/12 Renfrew Park, Waynesboro

6/23/12 Shippensburg "March to Destiny"

5/5/12 We went to Fairfield, Sister and I dressed.


4/14/12 We went to a Civil War reenactment in Chambersburg. It was lots of fun. My Brother and I dressed up. We were able to watch a battle and meet a now friend.

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