1862- 1865 Garibaldi Shirt Pattern

Yay! Just picked myself up the 1862-1865 Garibaldi shirt pattern, Past Patterns 709 from Needle and Thread in Gettysburg PA.

Also inside the booklet there is a little history on Giuseppe Garibaldi and the red shirt.
My new collection of striped socks for my civilian impression!
Think I'm going to let the old ones retire

Summer Dresses

Two beautiful painting of girls in summer attire. Top picture- They have there hair down! I love the green dress with the white shear sleeves. Bottom picture- They all look like they're wearing ball gowns. My favorite is the green silk dress in front. Love the color, bertha, sleeves. She looks to be wearing a necklace and ribbons around her wrists. I love the curls worn by the girl in the white shear dress with blue silk ribbons.
Sources unknown.

Describing Pickett's Charge

Foot to foot, body to body and man to man
they struggled, pushed and strived and killed.
The mass of wounded and heaps of dead en-
tangled the feet of the contestants, and, under-
neath the trampling mass, wounded men who
could no longer stand, struggled, fought,
shouted and killed-hatless, coatless, drowned
in sweat, black with powder, red with blood,
with fiendish yells and strange oaths, they
blindly plied the work of slaughter, valor
 could do no more.
by a Massachusetts soldier

"although it be customary to part the hair in the centre, the division should be made on one side if it grow low on the forehead and beautifully high on the temples" From Godey's Magazine 1861
I love this picture and I find her hair most interesting.  Here is a link to a page were more research was done on parts- http://www.jessicadeandesign.blogspot.com/2013/06/curls-and-parts.html

Eye See You

I want $125 to spend on an eyeball. Don't know what I wold use it for. Is there any way to tell if a glass eyeball is CW correct? Maybe I could use it for my Vivandieres impression, they sometimes helped at the hospitals.

My Manga Soldier

I'm teaching myself how to draw in the Manga style, here is the second drawing I made. He's a little Union Soldier of the Civil War.